Turn Your Newsletter (or Blog) Into a Money Magnet

Human Hands and Newspaper - Illustration in flat style designDo you have a newsletter or blog? How is that working for you? Are you getting new business as a result of your efforts?

If not, you aren’t alone. Many personal chefs become quickly frustrated when the efforts they put into writing their newsletter or blog fail to yield results. They start to wonder if the time they spend is worth it, and they often come to the conclusion that it isn’t.

This is a mistake because if done correctly, you can get business from a newsletter or blog. It is one of the top, low-cost and simple ways to generate new leads and business.

So if you aren’t getting the business you desire from your writing efforts, you are likely making one or more of the following mistakes:

Mistake #1: Inconsistency

You MUST send out your newsletter or blog consistently or you won’t build a loyal readership, deepen your connection to your list or stay top of mind.  If you feel you can’t be consistent or you hate writing, sending out a newsletter or blog may not be the best marketing method for you.

Based on my personal experience, sending out a blog post every other week has worked well and during promotional campaigns I usually increase the number of blog posts to about one every 7 to 10 days.

Mistake #2: Boring Subject Lines or Titles

I currently have an open rate of about 30% and a click through rate between 10 – 20% for my blog posts which is quite good compared to typical averages.  I partially attribute my good open and click through rates to having attention-grabbing subject lines and blog titles that motivate my readers to open the emails I send.

If no one ever opens your newsletter or reads your blog there is definitely no point in spending the time to write.  If you want some tips on crafting attention-grabbing subject lines make sure you don’t make these top 3 email subject line mistakes.

This brings up another important point. If you have a blog, are you sending your list a link to your blog post? Or are you just hoping people will proactively visit your blog regularly to see what is new? It is best to have people subscribe to receive your blog and then you can send them what I call a “teaser” email to let them know when a new blog post is published.

Mistake #3: Irrelevant or Uninteresting Information

The information you share and what you write about must by highly relevant and interesting to your readers. A good way to ensure you do this is to know who your ideal clients are and what makes them tick. When you do, you will be able to think of topics of high interest to your readers.  Topics that have to do with solving a challenge your ideal client group faces often get good open rates.

It is also important to make sure that what you write about doesn’t sound just like everyone else. You want to use your newsletter or blog to help you stand out from the crowd and consistently put your expertise out in front of your ideal client group. If you do this well, you will be on your way to getting business from your efforts.

Mistake #4: Not Having a Landing Page with an Opt-In Box

Want to grow your list of prospects? Have a landing page that motivates people who visit to sign up for your newsletter or blog. To encourage people to share their names and email addresses in an opt-in box that is on the landing page, offer an enticing free gift that your ideal clients will love in exchange for their contact information.

Next you want to make sure you don’t keep your newsletter or blog a secret. Promote it wherever you go by promoting your free gift. Pretty soon you will start growing your list of prospects a whole lot quicker than before and more prospects means more business.

Mistake #5: Not Asking Your List to Take Action

If you don’t ask people to take action with you, they won’t.  Some actions you may want your list to take include things like signing up for a consult, hiring you for personal chef work, taking advantage of a special promotion, buying a cookbook you just published, purchasing gift certificates, or attending cooking classes to name a few possibilities.

But be careful…

If you bombard people with promotional material and requests, they probably won’t take action with you.   You must be sure to strike the correct balance between offering value and having a promotion.

Do you have a newsletter or blog? How is it working for you in terms of getting new business?

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  1. Hi Sandra,

    This was soooooooooooo helpful. I’m in process of starting a blog so educating myself.
    Thank you for continued flow of info.
    Appreciate you sharing your knowledge!

    This will be our best year EVER!!!

    • Sandra Hoedemaker says:

      Glad you found the article helpful, Ann Marie, and congratulations on starting a blog! There are definitely some tricks to the trade in order to launch a successful one and by successful I mean a blog that drives business your way. If you ever feel you could use a little bit of one-on-one support around blogging to build your business, let me know. Wishing you much success!

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