Top 50 Hot Marketing Tips

If I could wave a magic wand, and you could have anything you wanted to help you build a successful personal chef business, what would it be?

I bet many of you would say that you’d love to learn the secret to marketing your services well so you can attract all the ideal clients you desire whenever needed.

For many personal chefs the day-to-day tasks of planning and preparing food are not the hardest part of what they do for their business. It’s the marketing piece that is often the challenge and the frustration.

So to help you take the guesswork out of what you should do to market your business in a powerful way, let me share with you my top 50 marketing tips below…

Tip 1:   Identify your ideal clients, know where to find them, and create ways to be in front of them

Tip 2:  It’s more important to get business cards than to hand them out – you want to be the one in charge of follow up

Tip 3:  Build relationships with spheres of influence – people who are connected to your ideal clients – so they can refer you

Tip 4:  Ask for referrals / Ask for the business

Tip 5:  Stay in touch with past clients

Tip 6:  Remember that a “no” may not be a “no” forever so stay in touch with anyone who has expressed interest in your services at some point but didn’t hire you

Tip 7:   When communicating about what you do, focus on the value you offer and the benefits of your services NOT the features of your services

Tip 8:   Don’t rely just on your website to get business

Tip 9:   Don’t rely just on social media to get business

Tip 10:  Write a blog and/or send out a regular newsletter

Tip 11:  Offer a free gift on your website to encourage visitors to give you their name and email address so you can easily stay in touch

Tip 12:  Write a column for a local newspaper

Tip 13:  Only spend time on the social media sites where your ideal clients hang out and if they don’t hang out on social media don’t spend the time marketing yourself there

Tip 14:  Get really good at using one social media site (in other words you know how to get business by using your social media site of choice) before using another one

Tip 15:  Give cooking classes and demos

Tip 16:  Always invite people to take a next step with you so you have the opportunity of deepening the relationship

Tip 17:  Offer a free Discovery Session by phone to learn more about your prospects’ needs, share how your services can help, and turn prospects into clients

Tip 18:  Attend networking events where your ideal clients (or your ideal clients’ spheres of influence) hang out weekly – go early and leave late

Tip 19:  Create a client-attracting elevator chat and practice it

Tip 20:  Get comfortable talking about pricing

Tip 21:  Attend health fairs if you are trying to attract clients who care about healthy eating

Tip 22:  Give a talk on a topic related to health, food, cooking, or throwing a fabulous upscale dinner party

Tip 23:  Write an article for a newsletter that gets distributed to your ideal clients

Tip 24:  Start a radio show or get interviewed by a radio host

Tip 25:  Do a cooking demo on TV

Tip 26:  Put your contact information and website link in your email signature

Tip 27:  List your website on all the online directories you can find

Tip 28:  Explore personal chef placement services like Thumbtack (but be sure you don’t lower prices just to get the business)

Tip 29:  Write a cook book

Tip 30:  Create cooking videos

Tip 31:  Wear your chef’s hat and coat when you are out and about

Tip 32:  Put a sign about your business on your car

Tip 33:  Throw a client appreciation party and ask everyone to bring a friend

Tip 34:  Get involved in organizations and associations where your ideal clients hang out

Tip 35:  Increase word-of-mouth by cooking fabulous food and giving phenomenal customer service

Tip 36:  Have a step-by-step plan to lead prospects from being interested in your services to hiring you

Tip 37:  Offer a low-cost, low-risk way for prospects to try out your services

Tip 38:  Become known for something that you do really well

Tip 39:  Find ways to creatively package your services

Tip 40:  Brand yourself and your business

Tip 41:  Don’t spend your money on traditional paid advertising – there are more effective and lower cost ways to get the word out about your services

Tip 42:  Speak to prospects live either by phone or in person instead of relying solely on email

Tip 43:  Be sure everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) you know is clear about what you do, how your services help, and who your ideal clients are

Tip 44:  Create a marketing plan for the year and stick to it

Tip 45:  Start a meet-up group that relates to your business and attracts your ideal clients

Tip 46:  Be helpful – lead a monthly Q&A session via a teleclass to answer questions people have about food, nutrition, cooking and entertaining

Tip 47:  Send thank you, special occasion and “just thinking of you” cards in the mail to your customers and prospects throughout the year

Tip 48:  On your website focus your content on your prospects, their struggles, what they want instead and how your services can help – DON’T focus first on who you are, your credentials, and how your services work

Tip 49:  Use lots of high quality photos of your food on your website and throughout your marketing materials

Tip 50:  Gather testimonials with full names and photos and use throughout your marketing

Which of the above marketing tips are you using or planning on using to market your business?  Are you doing something that is not on the list? Please share!

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  1. Thanks for all the much needed advice for my personal chef business and I’m wishing you and yours much success in your future endeavors. May they be bright and successful.
    Peace and Blessings!

    ‘Taking Care of You One Meal At a Time’

    Chef James Medley
    Popi’s Ultimate Gourmet

  2. Thanks for all your support and encouragement Sandra. Very best wishes for success with your new venture. You are very talented and versatile!

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