Success Stories


“I Increased My Monthly Income by 50%”

Kellie Tikkun Cropped“Before participating in the 6-month Chef in Demand Success System Program, I felt stuck with marketing and didn’t yet have as many regular clients as I wanted.   I knew I needed support.

Sändra led me through a process that helped me take the steps needed to go from where my business was when we started to a whole different place.  By the end of our time together, I had 4 new, repeating clients and had increased my monthly income by 50%!

Her guidance helped me gain a big picture sense of how the sales process happens, and as a result I now feel extremely confident talking to people about my services, and I know how to follow up with them in ways that will increase my chances of getting business.

I am glad I chose to work with Sändra and participate in the Chef in Demand Success System Program because I now can honestly tell people who ask me how my business is doing that I am making it happen.”

Chef Kellie Tikkun
Mandala Meals at
Pitsburgh, PA


“I Used Sändra’s Insights and Techniques to Secure New Clients”

Leslie Scarlett“Before I signed up for the Chef in Demand Success System Program, I was really at a loss because I didn’t have someone to share ideas with on how to build my business.  I had graduated from cooking school and had the tools to cook, but didn’t really know how to attract clients.

My teachers at the Natural Kitchen Cooking School had suggested that graduates check out Sändra’s free teleclass on easy ways to attract new clients.  I did and was convinced that she could help me build a successful business.  She herself had been a Heart Healthy Food Coach, so I knew she would have more insight regarding my services as a vegan personal chef than another type of business consultant who was not familiar with the type of clients I needed to attract.

After working with Sändra I have been able to use her insight and techniques in securing new clients.  She has helped me to better define my business plan and given me a clearer direction on the type of business I want to build.  I use her techniques to stay focused and organized every day. She is the little voice inside my head that motivates me to think of new and creative ways that can build my business. The Chef in Demand Success System Program has been a worthy investment.

I recommend that anyone who is a new personal chef sign up for Sändra’s program before you do anything else. Sändra listens and helps you to formulate a business plan that supports the type of business you want to build.  She is a mentor and a strategist.”

Leslie Scarlett
Certified Natural Food Chef
The Gourmet Vegan at
Newport News, VA


“I Booked a Catering Event Using One of the Strategies I Learned”

Lisa Givens“I worked with Sändra for a 10-week period in a personal chef private client attraction coaching program.

As a result of my coaching time with Sändra, I learned strategies to fill in my calendar with clients more quickly and booked a catering event using one of those strategies.  I also learned how to develop my pricing structure and gained confidence in delivering that pricing to potential clients.

At the end of the engagement, I walked away with a challenging and focused plan so I can continue to attract new clients and close the sale as well as tools to keep me on track and focused.   I look forward to executing my plan over the next two months and discovering the continued positive impact it will have on my personal chef business.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sändra’s personal chef private client attraction coaching program to personal chefs who are looking for a boost in their business, who aren’t getting the results they want in their business or who are looking for coaching and resources to help enhance their business.

Sändra has a wealth of knowledge, and she is very structured and methodical in her approach to the material and resources.

Thanks Sändra!”

Chef Lisa Givens
Gourmet Away, LLC at
Denver, CO


“I Received Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Implement an Effective Marketing Plan”

Christine Waltermyer“Sändra is extremely knowledgeable, insightful and strategic in her approach to marketing consulting. I was impressed with her ability to see what’s not working in the larger picture and be able to break it down into detailed steps that I could take toward resolution of a problem.

Sändra provided me with step-by-step instructions on how to implement an effective marketing plan. I loved working with her and look forward to working with her again in the future!”

Christine Waltermyer
Owner, Natural Kitchen Cooking School at
Princeton, NJ


“Within a Few Weeks of Working With Sändra, I Signed Up a New Client!”

Nicole Croes“Before I signed up for Sändra’s Chef in Demand 12-session program, I had a full-time freelance job (that wasn’t in the culinary industry) while attempting to launch a personal chef business. I had the passion and training but struggled with marketing, pricing and selling my services.

Within a few weeks of working with Sändra, I signed up a new client! Sändra supported me and kept me accountable along the way. Today, I have between 3-4 consistent clients and a toolbox full of marketing strategies. I also registered my business, joined the USPCA and got my finances in order. I now have a much clearer vision of how I would like my business to develop over the next year.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Sändra. I wouldn’t have gotten this far, this quickly, without her. I highly recommend her to chefs looking to take their business to the next level!”

Chef Nikki Croes
Nikki’s Healing Kitchen at
New York, NY