Meet Sändra

As a passionate and experienced whole foods cook, nutrition expert and health coach, I know first-hand how valuable a personal chef service can be.  One of the biggest challenges my clients faced when I was a health coach had to do with finding the time to prepare healthy meals on a regular basis when their lives were so busy.

If only a personal chef had been in their corner!

It’s Time for You to Step into the Spotlight

I am making it my mission to help you get your name out there in a big way because so many people need you (as did my clients), but many people don’t know you exist or they believe you are a luxury they cannot afford.  Effective marketing is the key to turning these perceptions around.

Personal chefs, however, are not interested in marketing.  They are first and foremost creative people who love to cook and help others, but they desperately do want to be a chef in high demand.  So what do they do?

Here’s How I Can Help

I can be your marketing mentor.  I love marketing and have 15 years of marketing experience servicing the flavor and food industry and running my own health and nutrition coaching practice where attracting clients on a regular basis was critical to my success.

I know what it is like to feel the stress and panic that arises when you don’t know where your next client is coming from because it happened to me when I first started my nutrition coaching practice until I learned the secrets to attracting clients.

Once I did, I went from attracting zero people to live workshops, cooking classes, and group programs to filling them, and I have consequently helped hundreds of people become healthier through good food and nutrition.  I am now excited to share my client-attracting secrets with you so you can bring enjoyment, reduced stress, and better health to more people while earning money doing what you love.

Your Next Step to Attracting All the Ideal Clients You Desire

If you are ready to become the go-to personal chef with crowds of hungry clients knocking down your door, let’s talk.  Schedule a free Client Attraction Phone Consult by visiting my online calendar at and picking an available date and time that is convenient for you.

Professional Credentials

  • Niche Breakthrough Secrets Coach, International Association of Women in Business Coaching, 2011
  • Certified Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, 2007
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Marketing Concentration, Rutgers University in NJ, 1991