How to Generate Money Quickly

Dollar Banknotes on Young Male HandEverything is going along just fine with your personal chef business.  You are booked during the week and have a good catering event to cook for now and again.  You feel as if you are really making your personal chef business work.

Then, all of a sudden, a couple clients leave and your catering event opportunities dry up.  The referrals that were coming in on a regular basis have disappeared.

Now what?

Ideally, you want to design your business so that you minimize the number of slow months you experience.  You also want to anticipate any times of the year that are typically slow and plan for them by setting aside money during the busier months to cover.

But what happens if your business isn’t yet designed to reduce the feast or famine moments?  What if you didn’t anticipate or plan for a slowdown?  What do you do?

Here are 7 simple tips you can implement to generate cash quickly:

Tip #1:  If you usually get paid after you have provided your service, consider allowing clients to pay for several weeks or months of your service in advance.  To make this an attractive option for your clients, offer them some savings if they pay upfront.

Tip #2:  Invite your list and past and present clients to a special dinner party for a fee (Choose a dinner party theme that everyone will be thrilled to attend).  Be sure you let them bring a friend (not a family member) for free.  The person they bring could become a regular client.

Tip #3:  Offer a special occasion sale on one or more of your services (as long as this is something you don’t do often)

Tip #4:  Ask colleagues for a referral or see if they could use help for one of their upcoming events

Tip #5:  Ask your clients for a referral or see if they would be willing to send an email to their contacts about their positive experience with your personal chef services while mentioning that you have a recent opening

Tip #6:  Follow-up with your warm leads and past clients by phone and offer a short-term service that they can easily say “yes!” to

Tip #7:  Think of a quick, easy add-on service your clients may like and pay extra for

Always have a plan in place on how you are going to handle slow cash flow times.  You will feel much more in control of your situation knowing how to handle money emergencies with grace and ease!

What have you done in the past to generate money quickly during a dry spell?  Please share your thoughts and comments below!

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