How to Easily Add a New, Lucrative Income Stream to Your Personal Chef Business

making money with computer conceptOne of the reasons personal chefs struggle to make the income they desire is that they aren’t sure how to break through the cap on their income.

Another has to do with the fact that losing even one regular client often ends up being a big hit financially, and it isn’t always that easy to find another client quickly.

So this got me to thinking.  What can I do to help you solve this problem?

And here’s what I came up with…

When I was running my health coaching business, I created and launched a successful spring cleanse program that can bring in thousands of dollars in extra cash without a lot of hours of work once the program is set up.

And as a personal chef, particularly if you are one who is comfortable teaching and talking about nutrition, adding a spring cleanse to your list of service offerings is a no-brainer.

Here are the advantages of offering a spring cleanse:

  • It’s not a physically taxing way to earn money and you are earning it doing something with food, nutrition and cooking – your area of expertise
  • There is no cap on your income because the spring cleanse program is a group program with no limit on the number of people who can participate
  • You can host a spring cleanse live but also virtually (via phone, email and a private on-line group forum) which will enable you to expand your customer base outside of your immediate area
  • It’s a great way to offer something to people who feel they don’t want or can’t afford a personal chef but who want to improve their health through food
  • You can use a spring cleanse as a way to start building a health consulting / coaching arm to your business
  • Some of the people who go through the spring cleanse with you will be interested in getting further health coaching or personal chef support once the cleanse is over which can easily lead to significant residual income
  • You can make simple modifications to your spring cleanse and launch another cleanse at a different time during the year bringing in even more money

So what do you think?  Are you excited about the idea of adding a spring cleanse program to your service offerings?

If you are, you’re going to love my all new, private program called…

Spring Cleanse 101 – How to Design, Market and Launch a Successful Spring Cleanse Program to Generate More Cash for Your Personal Chef Business

During this very special, private program I’ll share with you everything you need to know to lead an amazing spring cleanse this year that can easily generate thousands of extra dollars in sales with less time and physical effort than it takes to service your personal chef clients.

Want to learn more?  I am opening up just 20 spots on my online calendar for you to schedule a Spring Cleanse Discovery Phone Session with me so you can learn more details about this very special, private program and determine if it is a good fit for you.  This is a free, exploratory, no pressure call.

But please, only schedule the Spring Cleanse Discovery Phone Session if you are serious about the possibility of including a spring cleanse as one of your service offerings to expand your reach and boost your income.

To Grab Your Free Spring Cleanse Discovery Phone Session Before It’s Snatched Up Click Here

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