Drawbacks of NOT Choosing a Niche Market

Casting fishing netMost personal chefs cast their nets wide when it comes to marketing their services and getting clients.

They want to be in a position to get business from anyone who could use their services. They don’t want to be selective by focusing their efforts on a particular niche market.  They think by casting their nets wide that it is the key to getting more business more easily.

But it isn’t.  Here’s why…

There are a number of drawbacks to casting your net wide:

Drawback #1: You Dilute Your Marketing Message

When you want to appeal to the public at large your marketing message must be generic enough to pertain to everyone. When you do this, however, you won’t be hitting upon the key and specific pain points that people have around food, health and meal preparation. You can’t because different groups of people have very different reasons why they would hire a personal chef.

Women executives might be looking for a personal chef because they are totally stressed out with work and have not a lick of time to cook and eat well. On the other hand, people undergoing cancer treatment need a personal chef to work with their health care practitioners and prepare the special meals needed to help them heal.

People are more likely to hire and pay for experts familiar with their particular issue and how to resolve it than they are to hire and pay for a jack of all trades. As a result, a marketing message that is targeted will be a lot more effective.

Drawback #2: You Can’t Be Everywhere and Do Everything

You are very likely a one-person show or at most you have a small team of people working for you. Most of you aren’t running a large enough operation to take on every opportunity that comes your way.

If you try to you will soon be feeling burned out and lacking in focus. You’ll also have a hard time determining the best places to go and the best actions to take to get business. You’ll feel pulled in way too many directions which often leads to paralysis and inaction.

A sign that you are trying to be everywhere and do everything is when you offer a slew of different services for your clients without there being any real reason to do so other than you want to offer variety in the hopes that someone might buy. Often what happens in this circumstance is you end up doing a lot of things but none of them ends up performing well sales wise in the end.

And what about your marketing efforts?  Where do you focus them?  It’s hard to know when anyone could be a potential client.

Drawback #3: It Will Be Tough for You to Stand Out From the Crowd

One of the keys to getting clients with ease is to find a way to stand out from the crowd so you can get known for something that makes you and your business special. When you manage to stand out from the crowd and become known, many doors will open.

Prospects will start seeking you out. Hidden opportunities will seemingly appear from nowhere. People will find it much easier to refer you because they will know exactly what your specialty is and who would benefit.  And the list goes on…

In addition, finding a way to stand out from the crowd becomes ever more important the more alternatives people have to buy already prepared, fresh, healthy food in their area. You need to find a way to differentiate yourself so you can rise above the fray.

The same holds true when you are in an area with lots of other personal chefs.  You need to be different in some way so the people who you want as clients choose you over others.  You also don’t want to be part of a price war that drives prices down.  If you are known for something in particular, prospects are a lot less likely to shop around for a better price because they see your value.

And what is the best way to avoid the common drawbacks that arise when you are trying to be everything to everybody? – Choose a niche market to service instead. Want to know how? Join me for an all new, free training How to Attract More Ideal Clients with Ease by Discovering Your Profitable Niche by clicking here ==> http://www.chefindemand.com/niche.

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