Discover the Chef in Demand Success System

The Chef in Demand Success System is a powerful program that focuses on 5 key areas that must be mastered to attract all the ideal clients you desire and to run a successful personal chef business.

As a creative person who loves to cook, you may not know how to get known as the go-to personal chef in your area.  And for you to continue making a living doing what you love so you can help people reduce stress in their lives while watching them get healthier, you need to know how to effectively market yourself and your services with ease.

By mastering the 5 keys of the Chef in Demand Success System, you will no longer be wondering what the best way is to market yourself and your services, and you will feel secure that you will always know how to get your next client and continue making a steady income.

The 5 keys of the Chef in Demand Success System follow:

This is what mastering the 5 keys of the Chef in Demand Success System will mean for you

  • A calendar fully booked with ideal clients who refer your services to others and who see your services as a necessity not a luxury
  • A personal chef business that will sustain you financially month after month bringing you peace of mind
  • New-found confidence in selling and marketing yourself and your services
  • A business that is seen by others as successful instead of as a hobby
  • The ability to take cooking classes in France or Italy and to invest in yourself and your business as you please

The Chef in Demand Success System includes:

  • An initial 75-minute Goal-Setting Strategy Session so you know precisely what you want to accomplish and the actions you need to take to get you there
  • Eleven 45-minute phone coaching sessions (2 per month to allow for implementation time) during which you will learn what you need to know on how to build and market your business so you attract regular clients who continually seek your services and refer others.
  • Valuable handouts as needed like templates to help you write and speak using client-winning language, a launch calendar to guide you step by step through a promotional campaign, home study exercises to keep you moving forward and to help you to learn
  • Support between sessions if desired so you can ask a question, get help if you are stuck, or simply share your wins
  • My 100% commitment to your success

Have questions?  Want to learn more?  Interested in finding out how to register for the Chef in Demand Success System Contact Sandra for a 45-minute Client Attraction Phone Consult by selecting a convenient time on my on-line calendar for us to talk.