Common Fears to Overcome if You Want to Succeed in Business

Fear will usually rear its head the moment you decide to step outside of your comfort zone.  And to be successful building a thriving business or accomplishing anything noteworthy in life for that matter you must at times step outside of your comfort zone and feel the fear that is sure to arise.

And when that fear arises, you must embrace it and move forward despite it.

However, what often happens is the fear people feel paralyzes them, and if you let fear paralyze you, you will never achieve your true potential, and your business will never succeed to the fullest extent possible.

I have seen fear cripple many personal chef clients I have coached.  They become so scared they end up not taking the necessary high pay-off actions they must take to be successful.  As a result, their businesses fail.  They say they want to succeed more than anything, but they aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals.

Instead they feel the fear and cower and do whatever they can NOT to put themselves into situations that will illicit fear.  And it is precisely these situations that are the ones absolutely necessary for success.

So for those of you who want to break free of the often paralyzing effect of fear, I’ve outlined below 4 common fears I have witnessed in my coaching practice along with suggestions you can take to garner the courage you need to move forward despite your fear.

Fear of Selling
Many people, especially heart-centered entrepreneurs or business owners who have no background in sales or marketing, hate selling because it makes them feel very uncomfortable and pushy. They fear that their efforts to sell will push prospects away and that these prospects will be annoyed at them for asking for the business.

Solution:  Change your perception of selling.  Think of any communication you have with a prospect as a chance for you to be of service to that individual.  You are there to help him solve his problems and improve his life.  You are offering him an opportunity.  You are not selling.

One other important point.  Don’t start conversations by immediately pushing your products or services.  You will become that obnoxious salesperson if you do.

Instead, start by asking questions and listening.  Once you have a sense of the person’s problem or situation and what he wants instead, and you believe your products and services can help, by all means say something about what you do.

Fear of Rejection
People sometimes hesitate to follow up on warm leads, make cold calls, ask for the sale or network because they fear rejection.  When a prospect or other important contact says “no”, they take it personally and become a lot more hesitant to reach out to anyone else.

Solution:  Try not to attach yourself to the outcome of any particular interaction you have with a prospect.  Your job is to simply help your prospect decide if she should work with you (or buy from you) or not.

Uncover her problem, understand her desired outcome, and clearly explain how your products or services can take her from where she is to where she wants to be.  Focus on the benefits and value of what you offer first instead of the features, and then accept the outcome.

Remember, your goal is to be of service.  Trust that your prospect knows how to make the best decision for herself no matter what that decision is.   And if the decision is “no”, bless her, review what you did well and what you could improve and then move on quickly to your next lead or contact.

Fear of Failure
No one wants to fail and because of this, many will avoid any opportunity or situation that they believe could end in failure.  Instead they stick to doing things that they deem safe and that seem to carry little risk.  They keep themselves in what they think is a protective bubble.

The thing is you can’t avoid failure even when you think you are playing it safe.  By playing it safe you are depriving yourself of new experiences, personal growth, and a chance to reach your full potential as a human being.  And when you do this, you are failing.  You are failing yourself and the lives of those who would have benefited from you taking a risk that actually does end up in success.

When you run your own business there is no way to avoid sticking your neck out and doing things that are necessary to succeed but are scary to you.  Without the courage to feel the fear and do it anyway, you have no chance to build the business and the life you desire.  Your fear will come true – you will fail.  And this is just the thing you didn’t want to happen.

Solution:  Recognize that failure is necessary for success to happen by reminding yourself of the successes you have experienced in the past.  How did you become successful then?  Did you hit any road bumps or set backs along the way?  You probably did.  And what did you learn from those set backs?  How did this learning move you closer to the successful outcome you desired?

Failure helps you to see what doesn’t work so you can better see what will work.  That’s that beauty of failing.  Sometimes you have to just jump in not completely prepared, not knowing if you will sink or swim so you can figure out what’s needed to achieve the success you so desire.

One more thought…

When you hesitate to move forward because you are fearful of failure ask yourself if you know for sure that you will fail.  If you can’t say a definitive “yes”, then why not assume you will succeed?  It may be just as possible as failing.   In other words, why not shift your mindset to focus on what is possible instead of what is not possible?

Fear of Success
Yes, you may think this is an odd fear.  Success is what everyone is striving for, isn’t it?  Well not always.  Sometimes people fear becoming too successful, and as a result they may self sabotage their efforts to succeed.

While there are many reasons why people fear success. One common reason is that they fear they won’t be able to handle the increased workload.  How will they get it all done and not disappoint?  How will they maintain work life balance?

Solution:  Having too many people wanting to buy from you or work with you is a good thing.  Rejoice in it.  It gives you options.   Don’t you want options?

If you are okay not growing your business, you don’t have to sell more or take on new clients if you don’t want to.  It’s your choice.  It’s your business.  On the other hand, if you do want to grow your business, you can.

And if the idea of growing your business frightens you because you think you won’t be able to handle it, figure out what you can do so you can handle it.  Come up with and put in place a doable business growth action plan.  You will feel a whole lot better taking on more business if you know exactly how you plan to handle it.

Have you ever experienced any of the above fears?  If yes, what did you do to overcome your fear so you could move forward?  Have you experienced other fears not mentioned?   If yes, which ones and what if anything helped you move through it so you didn’t stay stuck?

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