7 Confidence-Boosting Tips

Confidence Opens Doors Words in DoorwayIs a lack of confidence holding you back? Do you hesitate to take actions that will move your personal chef business forward because you question something about yourself, your services or your abilities?

Feeling a lack of confidence in some way, shape or form is not uncommon. Below are phrases I’ve heard over the years that indicate that a lack of confidence is an issue…

  • How can I be a personal chef who focuses on health and wellness if I am overweight?
  • I can’t do a cooking demo at a farmer’s market because I live in an area with much better chefs than I am who are doing demos at the farmer’s market all the time.
  • I am going to take a few more classes first to develop my culinary skills before I try getting clients.
  • Do I have to talk and be in front of people to get business?
  • No one will buy my services at the prices I want to charge.
  • People won’t view my personal chef business as legitimate unless I have a website.
  • Why would someone choose to work with me when I don’t have a culinary degree?
  • How am I going to compete when there are so many other personal chefs in my area?
  • I’ll work for another personal chef instead of getting my own clients so I can get more practice first.

A lack of confidence can kill your business. People want to hire people who come across capable and sure of themselves (but not, of course, cocky). If you believe in yourself, your services, and your talent, others will too, and you will become magnetic. People will be clambering to hire you. Nothing else will matter much.

So what can you do to help boost your confidence level?

Below are 7 confidence-boosting tips you can implement now:

Tip 1:  Remind yourself of a time when someone raved about you and your food. If you have testimonials, re-read them. Sometimes it’s important to remind yourself just how good you really are by reading what others have said.

Tip 2:  Switch your focus from yourself to how you can be of service to others – it’s amazing how a lack of confidence simply disappears when you pull your attention away from yourself and focus instead on why you are doing what you are doing to begin with.

Tip 3:  Dress sharp because when you are dressed in a way that makes you feel good on the outside, it can do a whole lot to increase your confidence level on the inside – you’ll find that others will notice and reach out to you more too.

Tip 4:  Take action because simply the act of taking action and going after something you want with focus can help your confidence to flow.

Tip 5:  Listen to an uplifting, motivating song and dance along. Believe me, doing this can really pump you up, get you psyched and boost your confidence levels a lot.

Tip 6:  Be brave and keep doing the uncomfortable even if it means taking a really small step forward. If you are consistent, you will start seeing positive results and the positive results will help your confidence to grow.

Tip 7:  Visualize what it is you want in living color. See yourself acting with confidence doing whatever it is you are afraid to do. Hear the positive feedback you get. See the positive results of your effort.  Smell the delicious, mouthwatering smells of your food. When you visualize your ideal outcome, create such a clear vision in your mind that you can actually see yourself  in your vision as if it were actually happening now.

Do you ever struggle with a lack of confidence? What do you do to give yourself a confidence boost?

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  1. These “confidence boosting” tips are really great and very helpful. We are all human and even the most confident-appearing ones indicate in private that they too need to continually be boosting themselves. I think it is part of being human. I go through cycles, just like everyone else and I think Sandra’s suggestions are excellent!!!
    Thanks for the reminders!!!!

    • Sandra Hoedemaker says:

      Glad you found the tips helpful, Diane. And what you say is so true. We all experience a lack of confidence and self doubt at different moments in our lives, and if we can find ways to pull ourselves out of that funk as quickly as possible, the better off we will be.

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