3 Simple Website Fixes that Will Generate More Leads

Webdesign, Templates, Werbung, Präsentation, Design, AuswahlOne of the top ways sited by personal chefs to get business is their website. In fact, there are some personal chefs who manage to stay completely booked (at least for a period of time) just from their website leads. However, not all personal chefs have such success.

If you are a personal chef who isn’t getting the business you’d like from your website, see if any of the following simple website fixes will do the trick.

Website Fix #1: Don’t Bury Your Contact and Next Step Information

Your contact and next step information must be easy to find. Don’t put it just on the “Contact” tab of your website and don’t have it only in the footer in small print. Instead put this information in the header or on the upper right-hand side of every page of your website. And don’t forget to include your phone number. I’ve browsed quite a few sites that don’t list a phone number on every page (or at all).

You also want to be sure you use “call-to-action” language. For instance, instead of simply having a phone number listed, say “Call [your phone number] for a free initial consult” or “Call [your phone number] to learn more about how our personal chef services can be tailored to your needs”. You could also have a simple contact form that they fill out as an alternative way to reach out to you.

Website Fix #2: Use Lots of Food Photos but Make Sure They Look Mouthwatering

Professional, delicious-looking food photos are essential to have on your website. You want your website viewers to get an immediate sense of the kind of fabulous food you cook. You want the food to look so good, they can’t help but contact you.

Too often I’ve browsed websites that didn’t have very appetizing-looking food photos. In some cases, there were very few or no food photos at all.

I’ve also been to websites where the food photos were just on one page of the website. Consider including them in more places than that. Keep in mind that when people land on your website you have only a few seconds to make an impression. You want them to be blown away with how amazing your food looks the second they visit your site.

Website Fix #3: Include a Photo of Yourself in More Places than the About Page

For many personal chefs, you are your brand. As a result, you want to make sure people know who you are. What better way for them to get a sense of who you are than by sharing some photos of you in the kitchen, with clients, and enjoying the food you have cooked? It’s a good idea to have a headshot somewhere too – usually on your “About” page and perhaps in the header.

When people visit your site you want them to feel they can relate to you and connect to you. You want them to feel comfortable with who you are. After all, many of you will be going into their homes to cook. People need to feel they can trust you. The right kind of photo can help to convey that sense of trust.

In addition, what you do is very hands-on and tactile and photos can capture this nicely.

After making these 3 website fixes, be sure to add keywords to improve your SEO.  You also want to create a strategy to actively drive your ideal clients to your website. You’ll be amazed at how much better your website works at getting you clients.

Does your website bring business your way? If yes, what about your website do you think is making it so effective? Can you offer any other website fixes to increase the number of viewers who actually contact you? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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